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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hero Honda Splendor Nxg

Today morning I went to the nearest Hero Honda showroom and I got myself a test ride of the new Hero Honda Hunk. Hunk is a 150 cc bike from Hero Honda and costs Rs.55000 (ex-showroom). It has a self start and kick start model.

How does it look?
I was really astonished by the great looks of the Hero Honda Hunk. Stylish and majestic are the first words that anyone would utter from their mouths on the first looks of Hunk. The side skirts (called shoulders by Hero Honda) in the tank are the most noticeable feature of the bike. It is sharp and curved which gives a really good muscular and sporty look. In my opinion it looks better than Pulsar, CBZ or any other bike in the 150 cc range.

The butterfly like head light design looks like the head light of Karizma but, it is slighly smaller in size. While riding the bike I felt that that the doom is slightly smaller compared to the size of the tank, but this does not affect its external appearance.

When I took the bile out for the test ride, the first thing that I noticed was the responsiveness of the throttle. It is very sensitive and the engine responds even for the slightest twist. Even though it is just 150 cc, the pickup is quite good in comparison to other bikes. The bike does not vibrate until the speeds of 80 kmph, but after that it becomes a little unstable. For Indian riding conditions, most of the time we would be driving the bike only around 60 kmph!

The cushioned seats are very comfortable and in my opinion you can use this bike for long distance travel. The handle bar positions and foot rests are ergonomically designed to keep your body comfortable as much as possible. Hero Honda Hunk is most suited for youngsters, especially college students. The front seat is separated from the back seat by a step and hence it makes a bad choice for a family man to buy it (when he needs to have 2 kids and 1 wife in the same bike!).

The bike claims to have a 'big bike feel' which is the most sought after feature in the Indian bikes today. It boasts of puncture resistant tires for tough riding. Many bikes feature 'gas reservoir suspension' nowadays and the Hero Honda Hunk is no exception! Gas reservoir suspension claims to give a 'smoother' ride. Hunk features tumble flow induction technology which combines air and fuel to give a surge of adrenaline pumping pickup. The bike comes in red, blue, black and silver.

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