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Monday, 15 August 2011

Yamaha r1

The current model employees cross plane crankshaft that is brought to Yamaha R1 direct from the tracks. Such type of crankshaft is used in Yamaha MotoGP bikes.

With new features also comes enhanced midrange that makes feel direct connection between the rear rubber and the throttle.

For most of the super bikes the basic speed trick is to keep light, but the new 2009 Yamaha R1 is heavier than Honda CBR 1000RR.

Yamaha R1 also does too short strokes which enables the engine to spin like a two stoke and on the run the engine just know one thing and that is to accelerate. The 2009 R1 features 998cc, similar to its previous models, comes with shorter strokes and bigger bore and engine construction is compact than previous models.

Engine generates 179 bhp at 12,500rpm and a torque of 85 lb ft at 10,000rpm. The compact and midrange engine design enables R1 to pass the corners like a V6.

Yamaha r1
Yamaha r1The Yamaha bikes has Delta Box technology for chassis and frame gives perfect handling and toughness to the swing arm. The engine is fitted more forward, compared to previous models, puts more weight on the front end which gives confidence on corners at high speeds.

Standard equipments on Yamaha R1 includes projector headlights with electronically controlled high and low beam changer, ride by wire throttle for superior air intake, variable length inlet trumpets, slipper clutch, adjustable suspension, 6 piston brake calipers, titanium featured parts, adjustable foot pegs and more.

Yamaha R1 is the only wheel that can take you nearest to MotoGP ride experience as it has many features which are similar that of a Rossi bike. Yamaha R1 with its 16-Valve inline four cylinder can reach a top speed of 182mph, with 179 bhp and 85lbft of torque.
Yamaha r1
Yamaha r1
Yamaha r1
Yamaha r1
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