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Monday, 8 August 2011

Aprilia Rsv

Aprilia has just revealed their 2010 WSBK RSV4 motorcycle, which gets the Alitalia livery. Sponsored by the Italian airline company and with the riding skills of Max Biaggi and Leon Camier, Aprilia team hopes for a great racing season.

As much as we’d like the absolutely superb tricolore paint scheme, all we will think about right after repositioning our jaws is that V4 engine capable to power the Italian superbike up to speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Aprilia Rsv
Aprilia Rsv
Aprilia RsvA few days ago I had the chance to take an Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory for a short spin. First thing you notice when shifting from a bike like mine (Honda Hornet 919), to a race oriented bike like the RSV, is the riding position. I must have looked quite stupid when I drove out of the parking lot. The back protector was pushing my head down preventing me from seeing, arms and legs was fluttering about finding the right place to rest, and the visor was all steamy from the commotion.

After a quick stop to get my gear in place and find the right position on the bike, I was off. Aprilia have a different control setup than most other bikes. You can always tell if the rider is not used to riding Aprilia. When he stops for a turn, he beeps the horn, and maybe once again when he takes off. Explanation: the horn and turn signal switch are reversed, compared to most other bikes. Even though I’ve tried Aprilia bikes before, I did it once or twice anyway.
Aprilia Rsv
Aprilia Rsv
Aprilia RsvWith the riding position and controls all sorted out and the mind switched to “Italian mode” you quickly realise that this bike is a marvellous piece of machinery. If you thought the Falcon was fun, wait till you try this mother. I found the pull incredible, oh such beautiful torque. You soon find yourself looking for stretches of clear road and aggressively roll the gas, just to feel the bike charge the road in front of you. It’s indeed an addictive feeling. Maybe half of the thrill is in the roar of the exhausts. Even with the stock pipes, the rumble is deep and grumpy.

Unfortunately I couldn’t dispose of the bike for very long. Having fun with the acceleration capabilities, I totally forgot to pay attention to the handling of the bike. Except that it seems to be very proud of its front tyre, it repeatedly raised it in the air as to show it off. Other than that I have nothing to notice. That is probably a good thing I guess, it means that it handles so well that you just concentrate on riding.

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