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Saturday, 15 January 2011

bike like this

The leave on the two new intermediate -- This is the unveiling of the world's leading fashion sportbikes weight - on the edge of Kawasaki sportbikes development, a hard-core brand of choice for a move to Kawasaki sportbike Friday - 6 - speed transmission: ZX on the - on the Teenage Mutant Ninja ZX - 6R and ZX to - 6RR features Much more smoothly track the other hand, the percentage of the enthusiasts.Both durability - the jihyang ZX - 6RR transmission.Both of the kit similar to the 2004 racing model, 6R, with the key 3 gear ratio and torque limiter, multi - disk wet clutch and back - is. - Tracking to maximize the performance, re-design - high torque limiter - rpm occur when you can download the rear - will help reduce wheel hop.

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